DECA: nandrolone Decanoate vs Undecanote


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gatorgear • Tue, Mar 12th, ’13 03:39 • 13 replies, 1124 views
Stats :
More posted in my profile but to reference
Training hr ten mins Eod, heavy strength routines
4000 calories split macros 40/40/20%
Proteins /carbs/ fats
25 yr old
Just shy 6ft
180lbs ;10%bf (doc calipers monthly)

Cycle history:
Three basic cycles completed (only one within last four years)
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg with propionate kickstart and taper x 16 weeks
Just ended almost done with pct, have gained three more lbs of mass during pct!!!

My previously run cycles (@20 yrs )were run four years ago at age twenty and included
ED injections of pharma
Test Prop@100mgX30days ,two week pct and run again for 30 more days; both month long prop runs also included an oral; Dianabol (never will use it again) first month and methasterone the second run (would use again)
Learned alot from 20-24 yrs and ran my last cycle (test E) in a much more educated manner!

So I am hoping a very experienced member of Deca or just juice in general can answer this question about:
nandrolone and two different esters
Active half-life

Decanoate 7-8 days

Undecanoate Approx 20 days

Now from my understanding normal Human Grade Deca Durabolin is the Decanoate ester of Nandrolone or (19-nor Testosterone )and is normally used twice a week injection protocol similar to Test Enanthate or Cyp

used for approx 12 or more weeks at a dose of 400-600+ mg, normally at a ratio of two:one; test to Deca
Ie Test E @1000 per week
And Deca decanoate @500 per week for example purpose only

I am interested in running Nandrolone down the road
I have a few cycles under my belt and also have human grade cabergoline (dostinex) already tucked away to be sure I have my bases covered, I also have legit Aromasin and HCG as needed for this run!

To get to my question though ?????
My Nandrolone is Gonna be #CENSORED and they Produce a 300mg/ml Nandrolone Undecanoate which has a substantially increased half life ; of twenty days ; very similar to EQ

Test E

So three questions, ???
1:the normal twice weekly injection rule seems to still apply to Deca Undecanoate just like Deca Durabolin (decanoate) would and I plan to use 200mg twice weekly

2: does the length of cycle need to be lengthened to 16-20weeks like most EQ cycles
Due to the fact that this Brand has the specific ester of undecanoate attached to it which is much slower to be released ???
20 day half life!

3: are the gains from this Deca Undecanoate going to arrive much slower and to be expected not week 5,6,7,8+ like decanoate ester
But more like weeks 12,13,14,15 ???
Also should or could NPP at 100mg eod play a role in kick starting the nandrolone esters if used the first few weeks like we do with our Test Prop?

Lastly I see so much mixed reviews about Deca and sides, besides the prolactin issue; what issues have you have to deal with while using Nandrolone of any ester!?!?

btw I am looking for pure mass with my next Cycle Test CYP and Deca; which won’t be run for a short bit
This is all in preparations

Thank you for your time

gator Gear


Ochoa 3 years ago
Deca also known as deca durabolin or the generic version nandrolone decanoate, has the SAME parent molecule as NPP which is only available in the generic form of nandrolone phenylpropionate. FIRST AND FOREMOST THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME COMPOUND!!!! Only the timing mechanism or the ester is different. The problem occurs when variables such as excessive calories and or different testosterone levels are added into the equation. Dieting down in a low calorie environment is drastically different in an over fed state. The same compound will also have unique side effects in both environments. I am using deca right now in my dieting phase. Skin is super tight and dry. In a bulking environment I am bloated!!! What is comes down to is the economics of the compound. Which is cheaper, and has the higher concentration per ml for an easier and less expensive cycle…… I prefer the longer acting versions because my body tolerates them better with less soreness at the injection sites.

Nitti 3 years ago
YOU know better than to mention sources or labs here!
And I don’t know where you came up with those numbers but I always thought the difference between those two esters was a couple days.

gatorgear 3 years ago @Nitti
Ahhhh branding
My bad Nitti!
Damn hit hard on the K loss ;( oh well live and learn
I respect all the rules here
Will not happen again ill use generic chemical names like :oxandrolone
Not brand names

Nitti 3 years ago @gatorgear
I’m sure this won’t be happening again. 😉
Yes, just the compound info. No labels at all.

j223 3 years ago
Decanoate has a 13-15 day half life. Not sure where you got 8 but thats wrong.
Undecanoate is about 16 days.

I don’t know why you would use undecanoate though deca is much more popular and available.

Just run a 14-16 week cycle keep test at 650 and deca at 400 for 12-14 weeks. Throw in dbol/drol
Don’t forget caber, HCG, arimidex, and keep a little proviron handy just in case your libido gets low.

besides the prolactin issue; what issues have you have to deal with while using Nandrolone of any ester!?!?
this is for you to find out. for me I noticed deca gives me nightsweats worse than tren, aggression, bloating, acne, mild lethargy, and low libido.

By the way I don’t like your macros for food. Especially since you have the muscle wasting I would recommend a split like this: 25/50/25 protein carbs fat. or something close to that. Carbs are crucial for you. You also wanna keep fats high because they are good source of energy and calorie dense. It makes sense why the fats at 25% is same as protein because 1G of fat gives off 9 calories and 1G protein is only 4 calories.

so something like 275/500/130 protein/carbs/fat. That would give you a macro 26/47/27 for 4270 calories.

gatorgear 3 years ago @j223
Thanks so much for such a nice post!
I am going to give your 275/500/130 a try for a while
I’m not cycling for a while again so focus is on diet right now

Ahhh you make Deca sound horrible with those sides you got; but we are all different and I hope to not experience those to that degree anyways !
I may run NPP FIRST before Deca Decanoate to test my bodies response
j223 3 years ago @gatorgear
Yeah 275/500/130 should be great, or 300/450/130 but to be honest for your weight 275 g protein is plenty

I get more sides from deca than tren. But they are mostly minor – acne, aggression, bloating. Really the only annoying sides were low libido and night sweats. Proviron helped with libido.

Deca puts size on well though.

who knows you may get zero sides from deca. everyone is different. please don’t let my experience scare you away, deca can be a fantastic compound.

gatorgear 3 years ago @j223
Oh I’m going for the Nandrolone no matter what
I got pharma caber just for it!
I want that size; Deca size!
I just spent $200 at Publix on food and spread it out to be true muscle foods for the week!
I’m 181 today (10%bf) if I can just maintain till May or June and hit it hard this summer
ill hit 200 and be just thrilled bout it!!!
Thanks for your help!

j223 3 years ago @gatorgear
Just go for Deca then not NPP. Only because I am a firm believer that long esters are best for putting on size. I mean I’m doing a 12 week tren ace cycle pinning daily, but pinning daily gets really old. At least now I know I can use tren hex or enanthate.

Go long as you can like 12 or 14 weeks of deca! If you want to build 10 lbs of solid muscle your gonna need 14 weeks or so. You may have a total gain of like 25 lbs but most of that is water and slowly pisses away after pct.
So shoot for hitting 215 if you want to be at 200 when your done. Very possible, but that’s why I recommend dbol and/or anadrol.

I and many other people I know enjoy the drol/dbol combo. You can start with 15mg dbol and 75mg drol. So that would be 3 doses of dbol at 5mg and 3 doses of drol at 25mg each. If you aren’t getting sides work up to 30mg dbol but keep drol at 75. I would do that for the first 8 weeks of the cycle. Dbol gains actually stick around if it is used for more than 4 weeks. 4 weeks of dbol is about as pointless as using test enanthate for 8 weeks in my opinion. Most all orals need a minimum of 6 weeks with 8 being much more optimal.

Its funny the drol and dbol combo actually has less sides than dosing one at a higher dose.
I tried dbol by itself before, drol by itself before and the combo. The dbol and anadrol build muscle through different pathways. Dbol binds to the androgenic receptor strongly. Drol weakly binds, I’m not exactly sure how it is so anabolic though, i think its because it pulls water inside the muscle cells w/nutrients. Anyways dbol kind of makes you feel good where anadrol can make you feel weird sometimes so the combo works well.

So to summarize, I highly recommend utilizing orals in this cycle. It will help get your body at a positive nitrogen balance immediately. The anadrol will pull water into your muscle cells along with nutrients to speed up the muscle building process. The dianabol will cause a massive increase in glycogen storage which will keep carbs readily available for your body to use, resulting in LESS muscle breakdown. This is why I also advised you tso have HIGH CARBS to supply your glycogen. Hell if you can get over 500g carbs you will only gain from it. The more carbs you eat the less of your protein gets used for energy. This is why you don’t NEED 40% of your total calories to come from protein, if you have high enough fat and carbs your body will fully use the protein it has to build muscle.

Focus of this cycle : BULK. Let’s face it, you are very lean kind of like me. I started my deca cycle at 205lbs and 14%BF and got all the way up to 225, then slowly got to 212 after pct and ended up at 12%BF. The deca made me LEANER. Once the water dropped off I was able to notice how much fat I really had burned from the cycle.

I ate dirty bulk stuffing anything down my face. Ice cream, donuts, pizza, pasta, ANYTHING you name it. I still dropped a TON of fat. I have a fast metabolism so anything fat I ate immediately got incinerated in my body and never stuck. You are very lean as well so I’m sure you will have a similar experience as me.
What I’m trying to get at is:
dont be afraid to eat ANYTHING

gatorgear 3 years ago @j223
I most definitely am eating everything in sight and its pretty good stuff too beef and enriched penne pasta, tilapia , mix greens , chicken breast (not frozen) , sirloin , oatmeals , kiwi pineapple and strawberry and lots of milk
That is just some of today’s menu

I’m lucky I have money to spend of foods like that!
I got in the 5200+ range today like
600 grams of carbs both high and low glycemic index
250 grams protein
200 g fats to top it off
So 2400 cals from carbs about 50%
1000 cals for proteins bout 20%
1800 cals fats bout 30% total macros

I’m counting my calories for years now so it’s easy to know which foods to get
I have also studied human nutrition in college so that’s an advantage too
From te other night when you suggested to go to 25/25/50
Fats protein carbs
And not 20/40/40 like I had been
I went from 179.5 to 181.5 today
Overnight my body went ill hold all this food and storage as glucose and water and body mass so the diet obviously is gonna support better mass gains for me
Once again thanks for the help

j223 3 years ago @gatorgear
That’s awesome man. Yeah carbs are just as important for putting on muscle as protein. I strongly believe the high carb/fat diet will be extremely beneficial to you moreso than just high protein.

Yeah man you got an awesome diet, a good test/deca/dbol cycle. You will be all set my dude. You can overcome your illness bro you have all the right tools.

gatorgear’s picture

gatorgear 3 years ago
Well if you look at the two popular Sciroxx sites
One misspelled the description and put Undecanoate
An not Decanoate

But also of you look at both sites
Their picture of Deca Decanoate 300
Says Phenyl propionate on the vial if you inspect the image the have under the Nandrodex 300
Which is and should be 300mg/ml
nandrolone decanoate

Scrap this whole smeal
Strange the pictures are wrongly labeled though

gatorgear’s picture

gatorgear 3 years ago
I also tried to edit and format this post to suit readers and be more friendly
Thanks again

Lil insomnia I guess 343 am ;(


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