Equipoise Acetate (Boldenone Acetate)

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ChemDawg • Wed, Dec 4th, ’13 19:45 • 24 replies, 2567 views
I know a few sources carry Equipoise Acetate. I was wondering how members generally cycle it and what effects can be expected from it. I know the original version, Boldenone Undecylenate, takes a long time to kick in, due to its long ester. So how does it compare? I am guessing the results are a lot quicker. Can it be used for shorter cycles? Are the vascular and hunger effects similar to its other versions? Does anyone have any first hand experience with this product?

TheDon 1 2 years ago
i am taking eq right now and i am totally loving it i am starving marvin i cant get enough food
i am getting up everynight now at 330 am and eating a 2000cal shake then going back to bed
i dont even set a alarm i just wake up same time i really like it my veins are popping 24/7
i am running it with test e i have no pip aswell not even sore at all

GearofWar 2 years ago @ProLifter
Whenever I have anything that’s got some bite to it, I will use Bold-U to dilute and cut it with because EQ-U doesn’t PIP. That’s always a good way to know if you’ve ever been given a different roid instead of Eq. If it PIPs then it’s not Bold-U.

Rustyhooker 2 years ago @ProLifter
Eq ACETATE…….eq-bold und never has pip

GearofWar 2 years ago
Pip like a motherfucker bro. And I always got flu-like symptoms. I LOVE Eq, but some compounds just are not meant to have short esters attached to them. I’d stay away IMO

BeastMode5085 2 years ago @GearofWar
how do you find bold cyp to be in comparison?

GearofWar 2 years ago @BeastMode5085
Never had the chance to try Bold-Cyp, but I’ve heard very similar things regarding Bold-Cyp such as incredible pip and flu as well. In another thread a few other members and myself were discussing how Bold with any other ester attached to it than the undecylonate ester has a high likelihood to cause “test flu”.

test undecanoate


ChemDawg 2 years ago
So this is one of the compounds that has PIP like getting hit with a baseball bat. It sounds like it needs to be added to the same rig as the Test and/or whatever else is in the cycle.

ScripthookV 2 years ago @ChemDawg
It doesn’t help it… trust me…
IrishMack 2 years ago
FKN GREAT I got 4 bottles of that shit with 4 bottles of the the new stuff. Sounds like I have a long ass 8 weeks to deal with lol.

BeastMode5085 2 years ago @grygst72
cut it with some oil or another compound

RickRock1086 2 years ago @grygst72
Enjoy… Trololol

ShreddedCheddar 2 years ago
Get some Bold Cyp and front load it.

ScripthookV 2 years ago
I used one shot.. that’s it. It was from one of the top sources on here, and I threw it out within 8 hours of pinning it..

I felt like dying for 1 week straight. It was 1cc of bold ace 100mg in my right quad.

Let’s just say, 3 days called off work sick and throwing up, and another 10 days trying to eat and recovering from “flu-like” symptoms, and another 10 days trying to get my weight back to normal.
RickRock1086 2 years ago @royk33776
This is one of the horror stories i was talking about…. Man i feel bad for you but thats how we learn i guess. I wonder if it would make a difference injecting Bold A Sub-Q like Roid Noid recently started doing with Tren to avoid the nasty sides??? Just a though

ScripthookV 2 years ago @RickRock1086
Yes, horror story for sure. If I really wrote everything that happened it would scare the shit out of some people :(.. It’s just not a drug meant for short-esters, that’s the point lol. I don’t know about Sub-Q because I’d be afraid of abscesses which is much more likely with sub-q since slow absorption rates. On top of that, I wouldn’t want this compound in my body for any longer than I had it in me….

I think I’d rather die…. I took the shot after I just first hooked up with my then-current gf… She thought I was dying? I then told her.

keepitreal 2 years ago @royk33776
I know a lot of bold ace contains EO, ethyl oleate, which causes horrible pip and flu like symptoms in some individuals. Have you used other injects with EO in them? Reason I ask is I got some bold ace in an order by mistake and trying to decide what to do with it. If it is the EO that is giving people issues then I think I’ll be ok since it doesn’t give me any issues.

Rustyhooker 2 years ago
I ran it. Its frigging hard and fast!! Hunger thru roof Plus all the eq bonus’. I ran it at 100eod…..only made it 3 Weeks. The pip is very big. Im covered in tatts….so psin dont typically bug me. But eq ace is something that needs blended. When i run it again I’m going at 50Mg Ed blended with mast or eq. If you run it for a fully short estered cycle…..8-10 Weeks.

GearHead 2 years ago @rustyhooker
Bro, why is the ester causing such problems? I got a lot to learn. I’ve never seen a compound turn bad by hooking a different ester to it. I’m writing this while my EQ vial is sitting on my desk. Time to mix the stack and pin good old fashioned EQ.

Rustyhooker 2 years ago @GearHeadFL
Eq is pip free. But eq ace just HAS to be blended. If blended it feels like prop.

Test flu…eq ace flu….mega c-mega b and zinc works wonders. Goes away quickly.

ScripthookV 2 years ago @GearHeadFL
I suspect the reason is the fact that EQ is the closest thing to testosterone and thus if it’s short ester and it hits you very fast, your body realizes it’s not really testosterone and attacks it ASAP opposed to tren or deca which are NOT testosterone. Testosterone prop/ace/tne/E/C are really testosterone so usually the body doesn’t inflame since it recognizes, but if it realizes it’s exogenous it may inflame your body but not too severely since it is normal.

Equipoise is literally one modified part of the testosterone molecule, which makes it extremely similar so it’s easy for your body to detect it, but because it is NOT testosterone, your body simply inflames trying to get rid of the drug.

The difference in ester is the rate at which the body realizes it’s in your system/blood. Equipoise, will take weeks to build up and with the build up your body will realize there’s no harm or may not realize it’s there at all, as opposed to acetate where the build up is scarily quick… Your body gets shocked, basically.

This is my own theory.

j223 2 years ago @royk33776
Equipoise is literally one modified part of the testosterone molecule, which makes it extremely similar so it’s easy for your body to detect it, but because it is NOT testosterone, your body simply inflames trying to get rid of the drug.
if that were true then the body would have the same reaction for trenbolone or other hormones that aren’t bioidentical to natural hormones

GearHead 2 years ago @royk33776
So that’s why Dihydroboldenone is called 1-Test. Now I know. Thanks bro. Makes sense.

GrowMore 2 years ago
I haven’t read one ‘story’ about EQ Ace where the user has got passed the first 72 hours before bining the rest of the vial. Reports are flu, sweats, vomiting, hallucinations to name a few! But like I said these are stories I’ve read on the internet rather than credible sources.

RickRock1086 2 years ago
Me just like you are cutious about this compound but i head Horror stories about the pip with this shit that makes me think twice. How about look into 1-Test Cyp?? Which is similar to boldenone but with similar effects than Tren without the nasty sides!


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