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teutonicknight • Fri, Oct 30th, ’15 05:39 • 25 replies, 456 views
I just bought what I was told is Turinabol 10mg tablets, they are round white on one side it says tur, and on the other it says 10. Does anybody know if these are real or has anyone seen them before?? Please help


The Impastable 7 months ago
I know you’re just asking about Tbol here, but let me ask the million dollar question here.

What’s the rest of the cycle look like?

teutonicknight 7 months ago @The Impastable
I was thinking Test Cyp and Equipoise. What do you think?

The Impastable 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Dacky has you down below, don’t think I could’ve said it any better.

Dacky 7 months ago @The Impastable
I’ve been asking the same below. Info is slowly coming out. Let’s see.

Nandrolone Base

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fbfreak985 7 months ago
Honestly, here’s some advice… I did the same thing during my first cycle and got it from “the big guy” that to me at the time “knew so much about gear” and when I think about it now was an idiot. That’s besides the point. Now that I am more than well informed, idc about your financial status because if you can afford to dable in gear you can afford to do what I say. They might be real turinabol tablets. Since they are 10s, I’d say hey order a labmax test for it. If they come up as tbol at least you know it contains Turinabol and 10s are a small nice dosed tab. If they were claiming to be higher I’d say toss them right away and do your research on here and spend the 200$ and get a good amount of good tbol. If it was me I’d just do the research and order more tbol anyways and use the ones you order yourself and then get a labmax and if it says it’s tbol then use them if you really want to but that’s on you. This is all my opinion and I’m not a Dr. Or advising to use anything. Just my opinion

teutonicknight 7 months ago @fbfreak985
Thanks for the advice. How do I order labmax test and how much does it cost?

fbfreak985 7 months ago @teutonicknight
The labmax site, 18-20 bucks I believe it

fireboss 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Ive been wondering that to.

fireboss 7 months ago
Better to choose your own source.it all comes down to trust.

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Dacky 7 months ago
I’m not sure what you expect here. I mean do you trust your source? Were you expecting something different. This question is probably best asked on the sources discussion board or did you buy these elsewhere and now have doubts?
teutonicknight 7 months ago @Dacky
I didn’t buy it from any sources here. I got it from a guy in the gym who swears buy it. But I just wanted to know if anybody seen Turinabol tabs the way I described them.

Dacky 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Ok thanks for clarifying. So I can’t help – I have never seen tbol like that. Now not to say they’re bunk but that’s why you will generally not get much help here as most here order online after researching and finding a source they trust. It’s a great site for that and the main reason it was created. So now that’s out of the way can I ask why you bought them? I mean what’s the plan here? Stats, goals, diet, training, cycle prints and how is your cycle laid out?

teutonicknight 7 months ago @Dacky
Thanks for being helpful. I bought them because from what I heard Turinabol is a mild steroid that doesn’t give you bloat and does not aromatise low androgenic and highly anabolic without killing your sex drive. I want to get stronger and put on some mass. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

Dacky 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Ok mate. Let’s see if I and others can help here. Can you please confirm your stats. I see from your profile they say:
Age: 45
Height: 5’8
Weight: 180
What’s your BF?
You say you want to put on some mass. Can you be more specific? Do you have previous experience with AAS use? Can you breakdown your diet for me? How many calories are your eating (how many grams of Protein, Carbs, Fat) now and what’s your plan for your cycle? Same goes for training. How many days/hours per week in the gym? What does your training split look like? How long have you been lifting for? Lastly you have mentioned the tbol but what is the rest of the plan for this cycle? I know this will depend on your cycle history but lay it out pls. Lastly have you run pre-cycle blood work? If you have can you share this? If not I cannot stress enough how important this is.
I know it’s sounds like a lot of question and requests for information but I and others can really only help advice properly if you lay this all out.
Looking forward to hearing back from you fella and seeing how to help from here.

Methenolone Enanthate

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teutonicknight 7 months ago @Dacky
I’m 46, 5″7 now and 180 lb with about 15% BF I used Anabolics 28 years ago last time. Just did a couple of cycles of Test Cyp with Deca and Dianabol but that was 28-30 years ago)) Bloodwork is all good. I eat healthy and now wanna hit the gym hard to get in really good shape. What do you think?

Dacky 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Ok thanks. What others compounds and ancillaries will you be running and for what duration? What calories and macros will you be shooting for? How often do you train and what does your split look like. We really need this info to help advice you properly.
teutonicknight 7 months ago @Dacky
I was thinking Test Cyp with Equipoise. I train every day, every muscle twice a week. What do you think? Is there something better I could take?

Dacky 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Ok fella the picture is starting to emerge. This is what I know.
Age: 46
Height: 5″7
Weight: 180lb
BF: 15%
Goal: Bulk with some strength gains (I think but correct me if I’m wrong as you haven’t been clear)
Training: also unclear but “wanna hit the gym hard to get in shape”
Diet: You did not say how this looks today and what your plan is for cycle. At a minimum what calories per day are you running now and how are these split per grams of protein, carbs and fat. What would this be on cycle. Where do you get your calories from. Whole food mainly or other sources.
Priors: Did a few cycles 28 – 30 years ago of test, deca and d-bol
Blood work: “Is all good” but no details given
Cycle plan: test cyp, eq and clearly these tbol you bought in the gym. No doses or duration specified and no ancillaries (e.g. what’s the plan if you get high estro sides?)
So here’s the thing. I’m not convinced you even need to or should be running any cycle. I’m not trying to be a dick and you may do whatever you want to do any way but hopefully you may listen and consider a bit further.

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Why do you need to run an aas cycle now. I know your 46 but your words tell me that you may not be ready. For example “wanna hit the gym hard to get in shape” – implies you may feel you are not “in shape” and if that is the case then aas is not the answer. Get “in shape” first before considering a cycle. Can you post a pic so I can get a sense as to how much of a base you have. If you don’t have a solid base then no amount of aas is going to help. I suspect give. Your weight and BF that this may be the case. If it is and you run a aas cycle it will just be more detrimental in the long run. At the end of the day you can achieve an incredible amount natty with the right diet and training. That is why I asked all these questions. Please come back and be specific as to your diet and training.
Assuming all the above pans out and in fact an aas cycle would be appropriate for you then you need to go back to the drawing board and research more thoroughly and come back with a proper cycle laid out including doses, durations, ancillaries etc. Think about this with your goal in mind and apply the philosophy that less is more. In other words plans on using the least number of compounds at the lowest possible dose to achieve your goal. Use the power of diet and training as your primary means of achieving this and the gear as a recovery tool helping you train harder at more volume and more effectively partition your nutrients. Three compounds for what is effectively your first cycle (cycles 30 years ago don’t count) is a no no in my books and you’re not going to get much support for that here.
I’m happy to keep chatting with you mate either here or shoot me a friend request and we can move this to PM. I suggest we keep this open though as there are some seriously knowledgable guys here with way more experience than me that can chime in and advice.

Hope you keep engaged in the conversation and all the best fella.

test base

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teutonicknight 7 months ago @Dacky
Ok. I’ll explain in more detail. I used to be very strong when I was young 605 squat 710 deadlift 450 bench at a body weight of 205. Then I stopped training for awhile and with age testosterone production along with other hormones decreases. So training now is not the same, can’t recuperate and put on muscle like before. Also gotta be careful with the joints. So that is why I need to do a cycle to get some of my strength back and muscle mass as well. When I say blood work is normal there is no need to detail everything because nothing is out of range. Test level is in low 400’s which is considered normal but I think it would be better if it would be 700 to 800 that is still norm too. I would run a little Arimidex during the cycle and Nolva post cycle. I try to get about 300 grams of protein a day. Don’t really count calories, but I stay away from empty carbs and saturated fats. I’m not a newbie, I just don’t have a lot of experience with Anabolics so any input from advanced users would be appreciated.

Dacky 6 months ago @teutonicknight
Thanks for the reply and the additional info. I hear were you are coming from. So a couple of things. I’m not and advanced user but I have run 9 cycles I totally and 4 in the last 2 years. I have spent countless hours researching and am on here daily interacting and learning. So now that’s out of the way I do think I can help.

First I would really like to see you try and get your mass and strength up naturally with diet and training before you run a cycle. I hear what you’re saying that at your age (I’m 40 so not far off) the muscle doesn’t come on as easily. I find this true for fat loss too. But to be honest if you don’t get your diet sorted and your training on point before you run a cycle then running the cycle is going to be pointless and counterproductive. Trust me I know I speak from experience here. I also hear you about the joints but running a cycle, unless we get creative with compounds which I really do not suggest at this stage, then this is only going to make the joint issues worse as your will be able to lift heavier due to the temporary nature of the strength increases attributable to aas. Make sure your supplementing with good high quality omega 3 fish oils here. This definitely helps me with my joints and has numerous other health benefits.

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So here is my suggestion. You say you don’t count calories/macros well now is the time to start. I calculate you’re BMR at about 1650 calories a day and have assumed other than the gym that your are sedentary – if this is wrong then shout and we can amend. As such your TDEE is about 2600 assuming your lift 5 days a week and do 1 to 2 hours of LISS cardio per week. So for the next 8 weeks I want you to eat 3210 calories per day broken down as follows – Protein 300g, Carbs 345g and Fat 70g. I have kept the surplus fairly modest at this stage to see how you respond and given your BF is already 15%. If you find you start to put on too much fat come back to me and we can adjust this in a couple of ways but I would get you cycling your carbs a bit first to see how we go.

As to training go for 5 days a week and between 1 and 2 hours of LISS cardio fasted in the am. You need to hit legs twice a week, same with back and chest. Then I like to have an arms and shoulders day. Lots of heavy compound movement 5 by 5 type stuff 2 min rest periods (bench, squat, deadlifts) mixed in with 4 by 6-10 rep 90 second rest periods for (incline barbell bench, rows, OH press etc.) mixed in with 3/4 by 12-15 rep 60 second rest for dumbbell, cable and machine work. Hit me up on PM if you want to discuss this further. There are other guys on here who can probably provide better advice on training.

Try this for 8 weeks. Weigh yourself weekly and take BF measurements with callipers weekly. Keep a log of this plus track your calories/macros and your training to see how you progress your weights for strength increases. Take a picture of yourself today and then again weekly so you can see progress.

Keep me posted here or on PM. Once this 8 weeks is up we can take stock and see about what’s next and a possible simple test only cycle.

Any questions pls don’t hesitate to shout brother. All the best.

vhman 7 months ago @teutonicknight
I got it from a guy in the gym who swears buy it.
That’s solid decision making right there. How could you ever go wrong?

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teutonicknight 7 months ago @vhman
Really? Thanks for pointing that out. You’ve been such a great help.
vhman 7 months ago @teutonicknight
Not sure what else you expected. You purchased some mystery pills from a guy in the gym and now you’re unsure about them? There should only be one course of action here: the trash. You’re welcome.

Johnr678 7 months ago
Maybe ask the provider?

Faz 7 months ago
Try looking at the pictures on the sources review page, see if they match

Best Turinabol Shopping Mall: http://www.testosteronepowder.org/99-purity-buy-oral-turinabol-raw-powder-china-online-700g-p-47.html


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