Clen and Halodrol Cycle

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ssbadazz • Sat, Jun 29th, ’13 21:27 • 4 replies, 647 views
Im fixing to be off my 2 week clen cycle and i picked up a bottle of HALO EXTREME for my 2 week off cylce of clen,i was wondering if this would be ok cause i dont wanna lose any muscle,so i was wondering has anyone used these 2 off and on? and what was yalls results? remember im not gonna be using these together just clen for 2 weeks and when im off the clen for 2 weeks use halodrol then get back on clen and so on,would this be ok? i appreciate any advice or infomation

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Coconut 3 years ago
I’ve cycled hdrol and I ran it for 8 weeks.

2 weeks at 50mg
2 weeks at 75mg
2 weeks at 100mg
2 weeks at 125mg

Sides started kicking in heavy around 100mg lethargy like a mofo more than anything but the pumps were so intense and strength increase was very noticeable added 20lbs to all big lifts. Make sure u run a cycle support and don’t take a break In between Ur 2 weeks got to build the hdrol up in Ur system.

test decanoate

bigbudy 3 years ago
Bettler get your hands On some oxa or real OT if you want to go The oral only way.not this ph stuff. Or if you cant get the real stuff go epi 50mg/ed + pro tren 150mg ed makes you hard and vascular but also dries your joints a bit.
thekaz 3 years ago
halo would have to be run for at LEAST 4 wks.

clen isn’t catabolic, your only going to be losing muscle if your in a pretty intense calorie deficit

ashop 3 years ago @thekaz
Agreed I would run the HDROL minimum of 4 weeks.
Arachidonic Acid
skywalker • Mon, Feb 11th, ’13 16:24 • 2 replies, 388 views
Any body any experience with this supplement, been looking at reviews seems to be getting good feedback?


skywalker 3 years ago
I don’t really think that had any relavence to the question, we all know halodrol was a prohormone and was removed off the market like every other legal compound that has been made.
Gaspari have got lots of good supplements, and all they have there place in someone’s nutrition program.
While we are on the subject of halodrol, it was not a supplement it was a prohormone which is a synthetic derivative of testosterone, and you are comparing it with the new formula gaspari released which was concentrated macro nutrients. Do you not read the product ingredients before you buy the product? Anyone with basic knowledge on nutrition would be able to tell immediately that the new halodrol formula isn’t even in the same category!
A supplement is usually a macro nutrient blend which is derived from food and is concentrated into a powder or pill form which is used to supplement a diet plan.

test isocaproate

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Wardi77 3 years ago
personally, in my opinion, its another scam the supplement industry pullls in order to suck the naive beginners into buying their products. Arachidonic acid is one of the ingredients in the new gaspari halodrol and its BS compared to the original halodrol. I was lucky enough to acquire 2 boxes of that original blend and it was the best over the counter supplement I have ever taken, hands down. It was tested by a chemist at ucla. This prick don catlin tested the tabs and they had a turinabol pre-cursor along with real DMT(desoxy methyl Testosterone) and they also found aa masking agent in it. The stuff was extremely potent! I knew one guy who had to stop taking it after just 3 days because it was shutting down his liver! he got yellow jaundice! He must of been a drinker though because I got no sides! I just got insane lean gains! They did warn people about how potent it was. It was almost as potent as high grade M1T(Methyl 1 Testosterone). gaspari took out the DMT and the masking agent and re-released it for a bit. I had a blast with halodrol 50 lol no other over the counter supplement can ever compare.


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