Does anyone know if their is a difference between Myobolix nolvadex and tamoxifen citrate for a pct?

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Does anyone know if their is a difference between Myobolix nolvadex and tamoxifen citrate for a pct?



datman 4 years ago
(sigh)… i have to ask… are you running a cycle right now??

inked 4 years ago

Anonymous 4 years ago
nolvadex is tamoxifen..
z400csracing 4 years ago
for real? tamoxifen citrate is the medicinal term for nolva

certiifiedswagg 4 years ago @z400csracing
i dont know how someone would even ask something like

fast48 4 years ago @certiifiedswagg
Citrate is an adjunct added for flavor…
uicer1165 1 year ago
I have used this product for pct on 3 separate cycles as of now and currently have a lot on hand as I am on cycle again right now and will be using this product again for pct in August. this product has always worked. I have never had any issues with it. Gtg!

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LightWeight 3 years ago
I have been using this brand for months now. It definitely works! I started my cycle without the tamoxifen and within 2 weeks my nipples had doubled in size and become very sensitive to touch. I started the tamoxifen at 20 mg per day and within 4 days my nipples were back to normal. This brand is also less expensive than others.
fastmans 4 years ago
i have them,but not tried

ukman 4 years ago
good to go,

dboljoeeg 1 year ago
how much is it can anyone send me a link of cheap but good nolva

Lerono 1 year ago @dboljoeeg
You can buy a dbol alternative Here

finafan 1 year ago @Lerono
You for got “if you want to get scammed”

jeatfitness 1 year ago
I am doing a 6 week anavar cycle im a 23 year old male 5’9″ 176lbs how long and how much novaldex should I run for my PCT?

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Musclefanatic 1 year ago
I dont think so markus

Dave38 2 years ago
I personally never use research lab. There are good places to buy nolvadex online

ccmacka 2 years ago
Anyone know of a U.S. source for nolvadex.?
AdonisF 2 years ago
Bros, what source did u still use ? All the source request min order 100$ +

jtnj732 3 years ago
have not seen this brand listed in the sites, am i looking in the wrong place for it?


Anonymous 3 years ago @jtnj732
Most of the top international sites in Europe sell it. Just keep looking. Sent you a fr

ironman420 3 years ago @jtnj732
sometimes its called tamoxifen citrate or nolvadex thats just a name we bodybuilders put on it my man

hawkjocky 3 years ago
I just received 250ml of Nolvadex liquid. I’m coming off a cycle of 14 weeks bd enanthate and bd anavar. Does anyone know how to dose the liquid Nolvadex?

sgtstedanko 3 years ago @hawkjocky
Personally. I’d follow standard Pct. W/clomid & nolva together. Along w/all the ed herbs. How many mg per ml?

hawkjocky 3 years ago @sgtstedanko
Thank for the reply and sorry for the delay. I found out that the Nolvadex is 20mg/ml. I have been taking 2ml or 40mg/day. I haven’t heard of the clomid yet. It it also and anti-estrogen?

ironman420 3 years ago
thanks thorus!

Thorus 3 years ago
This was never faked as far as i know so there are no real or fake versions.

silat50 3 years ago @Thorus
I agree with Thorus. I have read from 3 different people in the last 2 weeks alone, that Nolva is so cheap to make, and its so plentiful, partly because the postal boys and others dont even have this on their radar. In fact, Ive read thousands of posts on BB forums, and not one person ever compalained of getting bunk Nolva.

I hear that if you mix monkey urine and vaseline together, and apply it twice daily in your anal cavity, it works exactly the same as Nolva. ………………….NOT! lol Go with Thorus. He’s spot on.


Anonymous 3 years ago @Thorus
from what i read it was never faked. Nolva is very cheap and easy to make so there isnt really much reason to fake it. This is by far my fav brand of nolva

ironman420’s picture

ironman420 3 years ago @Thorus
you think that better than the 50mg clomid my man?

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