Any ever use stanolone ace ?

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jpal • Tue, May 14th, ’13 14:43 • 3 replies, 651 views
Was just wondering if any one has any experence with this compound, from what i have read it is straight dht and is very strong and very good at drying you out ??

Rustyhooker 3 years ago
Winny is a dht. As fast acting as winny is…dunno why one would want a tweaked winny. Hmm….time to learn about a new one

jpal 3 years ago @rustyhooker
I thought the same thing but the people i know that have ran it had no joint issues what so ever, they loved it.
so the dryness of winnie but no joint problems

Rustyhooker 3 years ago @jpal
Radd! Will keep eyes open for reports on it.

sjb 3 years ago
what was the report like ?

Rawman 4 years ago
Bump..its coming in tomorrow so ill gove my review apperantly its like an injectible version of halo eith a hint of masteron
Rawman 4 years ago

test acetate

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ac89 4 years ago
I’m guessing this means winny with a ace ester?

Rawman 4 years ago @ac89
No bro its a pure dht. Stanolon NOT stanzolon, nothing to do with winny..

mh001 2 years ago @AfricanMark
Monday, but was told Monday night that he would be shipping everything except tren yesterday, but my website status hasn’t changed. This is my first time with the source so I’m a little bit concerned. Had I been told to ignore the status on the website then there would be no concern from me lol

wolvesreign 2 years ago @mh001
As of right now, there is no website and I just made donation. So if your concerned think how I’m feeling.
mh001 2 years ago @wolvesreign
lol at least there is some indication that he is still around…

lifter71 2 years ago
gotta say ” lighting fast shipping”!!!!
TKO 2 years ago
So no one has tried the sust 400 here?
wolvesreign 2 years ago @TKO
Its one of his new products. No one had tried yet.

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TKO 2 years ago @wolvesreign
Thanks for the response ,guess I will be one of the first.

wolvesreign 2 years ago @TKO
Yeah, wish I woulda made his promo. Alwqys a day late qnd a dollqrr short. His decca and test e are good and proper dosed. Had very few sides but I never really have sides till I go over 800mg a week test. Gonna put my order in now for the sus. Should be just as good as the e, just gotta inject more often.

AfricanMark 2 years ago
AC it has not been 24hrs and you canceled my order. I literally just got back from donation and I see its canceled. What now?

AfricanMark 2 years ago @AfricanMark
I redid it and sent info. Hope this wont count as a strike against me as I was a good hour under the 24hr cutoff. Gotta work to make that paper and only get so many free hours in the day.
mh001 2 years ago
what status updates can i expect from savage roids? Payment submitted, and shipped, or is there 1 in between?

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brj1761 2 years ago @mh001
Once payment moves to completed on site just sit back and wait patiently lol I donated and moved to completed on the 10th and still waiting like a kid at Christmas lol. This def is not my first order with AC, he has always taken care of me and all his peeps. Longest t/a I have had so far with him but I guess I got spoilt by him lol

mh001 2 years ago @brj1761
I was told by AC that the only updates on the website are payment submitted and order shipped. So if anyone is waiting for a status taht says payment complete then they will be waiting for a long time and will probably have their package before that point. lol

TKO 2 years ago @mh001
My first order said payment complete a couple hours after info submitted but the one from yesterday still says payment submitted

randys52 2 years ago @brj1761
lool….I am amazingly like so many other impatient customers on here….I ordered 7 days ago and paid and wonder where my stuff is…LOOLOL…..thanks AC, appreciate you

TKO 2 years ago @randys52
I think we all get excited sometimes and forget that word that is before T/A which is estimated , lol we just see 2-7 days and freak out if it isnt there on the 7th day

khyu80 2 years ago @TKO
I got mine 5 days from the date I ordered. He’s fast.

randys52 2 years ago @TKO
lol AC is great….speaking from exp in on line selling, shipping would be the hardest part of the biz for me! lol

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Directionz 2 years ago @randys52
Been 1 week since payment! Patiently waiting for that mailman to bring the goodies, hopefully it’ll be here in the next couple days! This summer cut needs to start !!

TKO 2 years ago
Just placed second order even though I havent received my first yet ( T/A not exceeded yet) but had to get some of the sust 400 to try before it sells out ,has anyone used any of SR’s sust in the past ?

mh001 2 years ago
order placed and money sent…

FR sent as well.

AC 2 years ago
ok guys were adding a new product similar to winny called Stanolone if you guys have any experience or extensive research with it let us know everyone at SR is running different cycles so we cant personally test it out

TKO 2 years ago @AC

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Masteron = Drostanolone(DHT derivative)

Proviron = Methyl 1-DHT(Oral DHT derivative)

Stanolone is PURE DHT, which is far more androgenic then either Masteron or Proviron. They all produce similar effects(pure androgens), the only difference is varied potency, with Masteron and Proviron being weaker than Stanolone.

AC 2 years ago @TKO
thanks for the info

AfricanMark 2 years ago @TKO
Yep and MEstanolone is an orally available DHT. Both will prevent muscle loss during stressed situations like heavy training and reduced caloric intake. Both will increase strength and libido, as well as prevent CNS fatigue. I don’t believe they carry the same Anti E properties of Mast and Provi.Otherwise These compounds sound like winners to me.

ejm3377 2 years ago @AC
That’s pretty cool of you to stock some of the lesser known compounds. I definitely want to try these new compounds and I will picking them up when I place my next order.

I’ve also always wanted to try Furazabol (Miotolan), a lot of older gear heads always talk about how good it was. Hopefully someone produces it since it seems they are producing these lesser known compounds now.

test decanoate

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AC 2 years ago @ejm3377
Hmm never heard of it ill look into it got info on it?

ejm3377 2 years ago @AC
I don’t believe I can link other sites here but if you google it there are plenty of write ups about it. Everything below is copy and pasted from the net. This is what they say the drug is like.

It has the anabolic rating of Winstrol – stanozolol w/o the sides. No messed up hdl’s or ldl’s no Joint Pain, no high toxicity to liver. Nothing but lean mass gains and hardness.

Pharmaceutical Name: Miotolan
Chemical Name:17-beta-hydroxy-17-methyl-5alpha-androstano[3,2-c]furazole
Anabolic Rating:270-330
Active-Life: About 16 hours
Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic steroid (Oral)
Average Reported Dosage: Males 50-100-mg daily Women 10mg daily
Acne: Possible
Water Retention: No
High Blood Pressure: Rare
Liver Toxic: Probably not
dihydrotestosterone Conversion: dihydrotestosterone-derived
Decreases hpta – hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis – Function: No
Furazol is a dihydrotestosterone molecule with a 17-alpha-methyl group (making it both liver-toxic and orally available, as you know).. As with other dihydrotestosterone derivatives not estrogenic in any way, doesn’t aromatize, and you’ll only have to worry about possible dihydrotestosterone-sides from it (Acne, Hairloss, etc…) and potential liver problems in higher dosages. Furazabol can decrease in plasma cholesterol levels, thus making it a reasonably safe oral. One month after cessation of the furazabol treatment, these altered parameters tended to return to normal. Furazabol is often compared to Winstrol, and certianly, with regards to it’s structure, it is a warranted comparison although it would appear that the minor difference (the furazan group instead of the pyrazole group) has a profound effect on cholesterol levels. Winstrol is incredibly harsh on HDL and LDL cholesterol while Furazabol improves your cholesterol values. That difference is the only one noted though, because their anabolic and androgenic properties are basically the same, as is their ability to bind to the androgen receptor (low). Furazabol is clearly not estrogenic in any way, so water retention is not a problem, and thus it may be useful as a precontest drug or in any type of cutting cycle.

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recon_vet80 2 years ago @AC
That shit is pretty nice, gets you nice and hard look, some strength, its way more more androgenic then proviron and oral mast. Also does a wonderful. Thing with libido!!! Will be getting some its pure DHT instead of the methyl in the other one.

AfricanMark 2 years ago @AC
Oral or oil? I read oral availability is not much for this. Its DHT with no methyl. Nobody who I read did not love it but mostly in oil.

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