Anyone had any gains using these fake genesis products?

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test prop
jk81 3 years ago
i ran centrinolab gear and it was g2g check their site

MusicMan 3 years ago @jk81
I recently had some of this however i ran out through a friend and I questioned the legitimacy of it due to it being a different label and the caps being silver instead of gold. I would appreciate some legit Centrino with a box and relevant holograms

MusicMan 3 years ago @jk81
Ever heard of anyone not receiving from Centrino site? Just placed order and was curious

Poormen 4 years ago
What I use isn’t this one.
It’s named :” CentrinoLab Depot CYP 250″ and it’s 250mg*10ml / bottle”
And u can see the images in here:

ricu 4 years ago
Anyone had any gains using these fake genesis products?

For more details, welcome to visit our shopping mall:
goodfella949 5 years ago
I got sum test-e from one of the top domestic sources awhile ago and it looked just like this :/

MattyIce 5 years ago
Hey I got this stuff from and its def bunk. The bottles were filled up to different heights and were like half empty. I pinned my quad just to make sure and now I got massive pain in my leg and knee.

gesualdo 5 years ago
Due in large part to counterfeiters, Genesis products were discontinued in 2009 and reformulated under the name Unigen Labs. If you procure a Genesis product from a retailer with an expiry date exceeding May 2010, it is an imitation. In addition, authentic Genesis gear has a square hologram on the rear of each vial. This hologram contains a verification code that can be entered into the company website confirming the item’s legitimacy. The fake vials floating around do not have these precautionary measures, but look very realistic. They do not contain active ingredients and could be potentially harmful.

There is an example of the counterfeit product pictured above; buyers beware.

Anonymous 5 years ago @gesualdo
Bro I am in complete agreement with you…I bought some of the Genesis Tren from another supplier listed on here and the packaging was 100% professional and came with holograms and everything….3 bottles later not a damn thing….the most authentic looking shit gear I ever had

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