im looking for a reliable source pm me

For a reliable source, you can visit our shopping mall:

test isocaproate

roidsmaster101 12 months ago
im looking for a reliable source pm me

livedoom 4 years ago
I actually have a prescription for cyp, i get these tiny vials once every 2 months, lol. Shit is clean but they clamp down on the distribution.

For a reliable source, you can visit our shopping mall:
Poormen 4 years ago
I take allot of prescribed medications. I began noticing that I had no energy was tired all the time and in general not very motivated to do much. After tested my testosterone levels were around 205. I began taking this medication by injection and within weeks noticed a HUGE difference in how I felt and functioned during the day. So far so good.BTW,I have bought it from this guy:

mr127superdee’s picture

mr127superdee 4 years ago
this shit is great right up there with watson maybe better at 600mg a week size strength libido and appetite went through the roof

nucman 4 years ago
where can I buy testoterone cypionate

orpheas 4 years ago
These tiny user controlled 2ml vials piss me off, lol.

Carlos Danger 4 years ago
This shit is fire. Used when I was first diagnosed with low-t. As used for trt it does what it’s supposed to do. I’m on day 14 of trt after 3-1/2 months off and the energy is already in full force. To me it’s always the first thing I notice. All lifts are up and energy allows for a higher intensity work out. Considering I’m coming from such a long layoff I couldn’t be happier with the first 2wks. Will be using as my baseline compound for all future cycles and supplement with some ugl gear. Great shit, smooth as butter!

For a reliable source, you can visit our shopping mall:
Mekanik 5 years ago
the doc – was a scrip

miggymig 5 years ago
From where you get this? Looks familiar.
cwclark1987 1 year ago
Just got a bottle of test c 250 and a bottle of deca 300 both look completely different from anything I’ve been able see online but a friend off mine swears by the stuff I’m going give a shot the labels Are much darker red and the other black the bottles are tinted the label says rxe genesis labs anyone seen these before

VinnyVar 11 months ago @cwclark1987
Hey brother. I have tried some of this Gen gear also. It gets crap reviews because everyone is saying the company went under. They say you are either buying expired gear or counterfeit gear. The Gen products I sampled do not show expired dates and certainly feel legit. So whoever is using the Gen name, seems to be keeping the name alive, at least from the source is went through.

Would you mind sending me a PM so I know where you got yours from? Wondering if its the same person.

batybatista 4 years ago
..yep. fake at all!

razorblade 5 years ago
yah. on week 5 now and no fucking effect. didnt check numbers bf i threw away box but this is shit

ref 5 years ago
Only product I ever complained about and got a replacement. Im on TRT and this Genisis stuff didnt work. Lots of complaints on there board. I hope Eyalaze new stuff is better. The genisis is getting a bad rap now.

MattyIce 5 years ago @ref
Thats cause its fake dude. Genesis doesn’t exist anymore, its all counterfeit. The real stuff is called Unigen Life Sciences.

For a reliable source, you can visit our shopping mall:


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