Length of Tren Enanthate Cycle


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bigpapapump • Fri, Mar 22nd, ’13 21:23 • 8 replies, 3813 views
Sup Fellas, I am no stranger to AAS and have been running them off and on since the late 90’s. I’ve been on TRT for the last year and a half and get Testosterone pellets inserted in my hip every 5-6 months because my test levels were almost below 100. I’m in my 30’s, 5’9 and fluctuate between 185-195 at 7% bodyfat. My pellets put me at the 900-1100 range and I typically cruise 200mg of test on top of that every 7-14 days. I will blast 2-3 times per year for 8-12 weeks at a time. I have ran Tren E several times in the past and usually run it for 10-12 weeks. I respond well to 375mg per week. At about the 9-10 week mark I start becoming anxious and my piss starts turning brown no matter how much water I drink, but I never get kidney pain or any other kidney symptoms. This time I plan on trying to run it 14-16 weeks at 300mg along with 500mg of test(plus my pellets). Then I plan on coming off and only going with my scheduled TRT for 4-6 months. You guys think this is too much time on Tren even though is only at 300-400mg?

DBALLZ’s picture

DBALLZ 3 years ago
I’ve been on tren e since January and I honestly havn’t noticed much in negative sides besides some lethargy, a little insomnia, and a little night sweats. I am conscious of my water intake though, I certainly try to keep it high, and I am always dieting when I am using compounds such as tren. My pee is clear. Honestly at around the 9 week mark is when your body will begin to get more accustomed the added hormones and the gains aren’t nearly as good. I’d personally say if you are running into those issues around then than just come off, and save the rest for the next go around. Obviously that is putting some stress on some part of your body, if your urine is consistently brown than something is probably off. I personally have found it more beneficial to just come off around that point anyways because of the big drop in gains. Unless I am dieting for a show, I think I get more out of it by just coming off and cleaning out the receptors for the next rodeo.

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manbearpig 3 years ago
well i HAVEN’T RAN TREN, but if the sides from tren e hit you hard at weeks 9-10, then that may be a good time to switch to the acetate ester so that you have more control over the sides.

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j223 3 years ago
You should be cool. The enanthate takes a while to kick in as well, especially at a low dose like 300. You may get some crazy sweating at night though so watch out for that!

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bigpapapump 3 years ago @j223
Oh bro, I sweat my ass off starting 2-3 weeks in on Tren. I have to sleep on a towel

j223’s picture

j223 3 years ago @bigpapapump
I had it by day 3 haha. But that’s with ace

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mjunkie 3 years ago
If u can handle it i say go for it, not like u need to recover your hpta…that would be the only issue i could think of, aside from the typical tren sides

bigpapapump’s picture

bigpapapump 3 years ago
I say brown but its more like a “hangover piss”. Starts around the week 10 mark. My labs are spot on right now. Never had them run during a tren cycle

chester 3 years ago
sounds like kidney probs piss sould be clear mybe yellow not brown even when on .get kidneys checked out before starting bro.

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