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test prop

Malay tiger-Diamond pharma-a plate of the finest gear
Tippenthescale • Mon, Feb 1st, ’16 22:39 • 5 replies, 311 views

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Malay tiger t-400. A very nice blend of test via body-anabolics.
Diamond pharma tren e…I am running 2 ml ew with test.
Dinner tonight. 2 x new york strip ,potatoes red skin, and Brocolli. It was banging. It was a solid meal and fealt so pumped afterwards. Veins popping.

m7 4 months ago
+1 for the Malay test. Using Malay’s tren atm from b-a too and it’s great, good brand

readyman 4 months ago
What is the mix of this stuff?+1btw

m7 4 months ago @readyman
Same 4 esters as sustanon plus 150mg test enan (so 5 esters in total):

testosterone propionate (30 mg)
testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg)
testosterone isocaproate (60mg)
testosterone decanoate (100 mg)
testosterone enanthate (150mg)

Tippenthescale 4 months ago @m7
Pinning that tonight

Tippenthescale 4 months ago @readyman
Ill have to check it out again but ill let you know.
mr127superdee 3 years ago
wow….thats a serious blend. it makes me doubt all of that is truly in it. but if that turns out legit thats gunna be great right now im blending test cyp and test enan. together in my cycle and so far im loving it i truly believe the more test esters the better good luck with it homie. i never heard of nomadlabs either. and i know this is prob a worthless stereotype and im sure its not the caase for you but the only times ive used bunk shit the packacging was incredible lmao! so know when i see lot#s boxes labels exp. dates you know the whole nine yards i run the other way lol bad packaging great gear great packaging bunk gear LMAO! like i said its prob not true but it is my experience

crainomac 4 years ago @jamesdean8220
The pip always gets me on the second day too! It’s minimal still knock out legs with it.

notabangs 4 years ago @jamesdean8220
Thanks, plz keep us updated on your progress

jamesdean8220 4 years ago
Got it yesterday, pinned it this morning….results coming soon!
jamesdean8220 4 years ago
He only messes with previous customers…
pit4 4 years ago
were to find a optimal list?

tod2a 4 years ago @Anonymous
Madub101….can you write to me in pm where i can buy the optimal products, please?

Longball12 4 years ago
Hey quick question .. I have been on ur sus300 for 5 weeks now and for 3 weeks now a day after injecting I feel sick and Saturday I injected and last night I was throwing up all night and had a high fever. They other weeks weren’t that bad just a little sick feeling.. Would u stop talking the sus or will it go away soon after injecting? It could also be a bug I got but it just looks like its from the sus since its been getting worse for 3 weeks

test base

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Mike9721 6 months ago @Longball12
Alternative to Sustanon – I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
crainomac 4 years ago @Longball12
Not a review. Drop the gear if it makes you sick man!

crainomac 4 years ago
Been running AB’s sust with tren E for 6 weeks of 10 and up 17lbs, squats up 40lbs and bench up 30lbs. eating like a horse and sweating like one too.

jamesdean8220 4 years ago
Just ordered some sus300 and EQ from a reliable source,(he’s a regular)…his results on this stuff are amazing!! I keep hearing good things..will keep u posted…anyone know if these are exactly under or over 10ml ?

ZEEK33 4 years ago
i have been useing this for a few weeks and i also have to say dont use to much. or you will be sweating your ass off at night! and i been getting headaches. but its very good! ill be getting bloods back soon and ill be posting.

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5h4d0vv 4 years ago @ZEEK33
X2 sweats are insane some nights for sure

Thariddler 4 years ago
Old to the game but new to the site. Can I get some help on where to get this product.
Nasty81Nate 4 years ago @Thariddler
This source has gone underground. He only sells to previous clients

Thariddler 4 years ago @Nasty81Nate
Thanks man

FullBlownMachine 4 years ago @Anonymous
thanks for the update bro, looking to add his susta and tren, loving his Test E so far, only 4 weeks in looking fuller, pumps are looking better and better appetite is strong, constant Wood lol.. so far so good.

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