sustanon vs testosterone cypionate

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robxl12321 • Fri, Mar 4th, ’16 05:00 • 23 replies, 424 views
So I see a lot of people posting in forums and in comments etc etc the sustanon is the best “mass” builder of the testosterone….types I guess I’ll say as to not confuse anyone. I guess I’m just wondering what the meaning behind that is and why people would think that

Height: 5’8
Weight 199
Bf:18.7 (as of the 25th of february)
i have a couple recent photos in my pics on my profile

I’m off cycle right now, I primarily run test only usually prop. this last time around I used cyp and dbol I’m taking more time off than usual due to using the dbol. I want to make sure everything is working at its half ass self lol my though is that you would end up with less testosterone after the ester is taken away with sustanon than you would with cyp or enanthate… if my thought is wrong please inform me … but to me it makes sense that you have 4 esters in one bottle instead of just one with the same mg content (250) that the actual testosterone content would come out to be less. I’m thinking of using sustanon on my next go around 250 mg eod, but wondering if it would be more optimal to use test cyp at 250 mg e3d. This will be a test only cycle BTW I’m keeping it simple these days

Thanks guys I appreciate the community I am slowly becoming a part of. You guys have saved my ass a few time in the short time I’ve been on here

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Edit: some info I gathered on actual testosterone after ester. each is based off of 100 mg of each ester

Propionate: 83mg
Phenyl prop: 66 mg
Isocaproate: 72 mg
Decanoate: 62 mg

Now testosterone cypionate and enanthate after ester based off of 100mg total..

Cypionate: 70 mg
Enanthate: 73mg…

Rustyhooker’s picture

Rustyhooker 3 months ago
First thing I read was the word simple. That says to stick with enth/cyp. Pin twice and eat a lot.

Nandrolone Base

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Im on sust again currently. But I enjoy blending my gear and ed pins.

Pros…. less pip typically with enth if any. Frontload sust and it ramps up fast.

Cons….sust can carry pip. Many pins for stability imo.

300 Savage 3 months ago @Rustyhooker
What up RH.. Can you describe in more detail about front loading the sust..How much?

Rustyhooker 3 months ago @300 Savage
Cry havok has a perfect forum on sust and front loading. Estro can kick up faster and flu as well. I’ve done it at 1000 first week for a 500mg run. Some guys double first 2 weeks. Cry havok has full charts and explanation though 🙂

robxl12321 3 months ago @Rustyhooker
I see your point. I use prop Alot it’s my favorite stuff. When I say I mean in terms of compounds I use test mainly. Sometimes I’ll through in dbol or anavar but it’s rare! Eod pins don’t bother me to much.

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bolt781 3 months ago @Rustyhooker
That does come into play with my past ed sus injections…pulp fiction…pec shots were surreal and calve shots…out of the fkn question after one hit…at the time though it was simple…I guess it’s the mentality/mindset
bolt781 3 months ago
Back in my early days I would pin .5ml of sus every day. For pure bulking/monster purposes that got me full and strong…really strong! Really full! Now I dont attribute that to the 800mgs+ of test I was injecting a week as I’ve ran well over a gram of test e with less results in terms of mass. My thinking is the mixture of short and long esters keep the body on its toes…it’s not becoming complacant or accustom to a set ester.
300 Savage 3 months ago @bolt781
What up homes..How much sust would you pin per day, not to blow up..not to bloat but still get some benefits..Thanks..

bolt781 3 months ago @300 Savage
Well each person is unique when it comes to an amount and it’s effect. Alot comes into play, diet, lifting, if “they” are prone to bloat/sides etc….I think for simplicity purposes .5ml was good brother

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robxl12321 3 months ago @bolt781
So that’s 875 mg a week total? If I go with the sust which I probably won’t I’ll end up with prop more than likely I always do I love that shit but if I do imma do 250 eod that should work pretty decent I’d assume?

bolt781 2 months ago @robxl12321
We’ll just say thats a gram a week. As some weeks would get 1 less pin. Yes brother that would be enough to get large and strong! At 875mg divided into ed pins I was a fkn monster! The bloat and moonface was tackled with .25mg adex twice a week.

robxl12321 2 months ago @bolt781
You know what I forgot about the next week I’d be hitting a gram of test… that’s to much for me man. Imma stick with cyp with a 4 week prop Kickstart
bolt781 2 months ago @robxl12321
Good man! That is too fkn much I agree! Im at 450mg a week and feeling great! Seeing shit happen…easy peazy!

robxl12321 2 months ago @bolt781
Nice! Thanks for the info big bolt!!!

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robxl12321 3 months ago @bolt781
Hmmm that actually makes a bit of sense good answer big bolt!!

bolt781 3 months ago @robxl12321
It’s one vial, one pin, with multiple paths of time released utilization. Why not cover all the bases and let the body hit singles all day long…running up the score exponentially…anyhow knuckles brother

vhman 3 months ago
I’m personally not a fan of sust. Way too much fluctuation in test levels, which leads to a wild fluctuation in estro. Need to pin EOD to keep things somewhat level. I like to keep things nice and even, so I prefer one ester (C or E). This is my experience and how I like it. I know others love sust, which is fine, just be cognizant of the possible fluctuations. Good luck.

robxl12321 3 months ago @vhman
So this is kind of why I use prop mainly people think I’m nuts but I’ll pin ed. I feel like I have more control over the hormones!

vhman 3 months ago @robxl12321
I hear you. Prop is great for that reason, but that’s a lot of pinning for any cycle over 6-8 weeks.

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robxl12321 3 months ago @vhman
Yeah that’s what mist people say to me “all that pinning” like I said to me it doesn’t bother me to much. I use small needle to inject I barely feel that part. I can say after week 8 when I’m getting ready to start pct I definitely feel some relief hahaha

robb 3 months ago
I like sust cos of the various esters, no need to kick start with this product either cos of the shorts in t mix.

Definitely agree it’s great for mass and strenght gains, however I’m lead to believe that suspension is the best mass and strength gainer. I’ve used suspension but not cycled it, just used it for a pre workout so don’t have any real experience to back this up.

Faz 3 months ago
Good post I’m planning on using sust for the first time as well but I’m gonna use a tbol kickstart.
I have also read it’s the best mass builder out of the testosterone’s but I’ve not being able to find out the reasons why.
What bigmurph says below makes sense! It’ll be good to hear from a few more of the experienced people an what there opinion is.
+1 for asking a good question!

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bigmurph 3 months ago
I will say I don’t have science to back it up but I always use to run just test cyp and dbol. I got some pharma grade sust when I was young and decided to give it a go. I gained the most weight I have ever gained while running a cycle but it wasn’t all solid muscle mass it put alot of water on me and I believe all that water is what allows you to heal faster and build more muscle during your cycle. Making it the best test formula for a true bulking cycle. So I do believe if you’re interested in just adding weight to your frame sust is a great way to do it. But in the end test is test just different esters attached. It is true what you were saying about how much test is actually going into your system by ester. My pharma test dosed at 250mgs says that only 180mgs are available but I think the bulking from sust comes more from the amount of water you hold not the amount of actual test that you get from the esters.
+1 I like the discussion

robxl12321’s picture

robxl12321 3 months ago
For some reason my phone won’t let me click on the edit button that cyp 250 mg eod I meant to say e3d.

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