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test acetate
kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @Winjp
read the above post again and read the below post several times

littletigar24 1 year ago @Winjp
Hormones can affect every part of your body and sometimes in negative ways. Often times the negitive ways are things that affect the very core of our femininity. So on this site, we encourage the exhaustion of every other natural avenue before turning to things like winny. Are you doing everything in your power to change your body before you interduce a foreign substance that could change your mood, cycle patterns, hair growth patterns, voice quality and skin integrity? The way to get “fast major results” is to do a complete and utter overhaul on your life. Throw out EVERYTHING with white sugar in it, corn syrup or high fructose syrup. Get rid of EVERYTHING with white flour in it. Fill your fridge and cuboards with nutritional whole foods like chicken, steak, turkey, nuts, fruits, veggies, healthy starches, seeds like chia seeds and flax, and healthy dairy. Start a food diary and write down what you eat in a typical week. Go online and find out what your total daily enery expediture is. Evaluate this compared to your current diet and adjust to your goal. If you are not already at the gym, Make time in your schedule to go at least three to four times a week. Get a girl friend and try out a couple online trainer guides to help you get into lifting. Jamie Easton has a great starter one for women who are a little intimidated by lifting.
If you are not already doing everything you can to make your body the best it can be, then no there is no point in trying winny because it is not a magic weight loss drug. Or else every single girl in the world that tried it would look like a fitness model. The girls we see on TV and magazine make their whole life about fitness. They are in the gym everyday and eating clean almost every day to get the results you see. In order to see those results, you have to do the same thing. There is no shortcut. No easy way out. You get out what you put in. That is how you see fast major results.

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Baldur2630 11 months ago @littletigar24
One of the best posts I have read for a long time! I would only add that “going to the gym” is going to do NOTHING for you.

Cardio burns muscle as well as fat. Get pumping iron. Barbells and Dumbbells are better than poncey machines and waggling 1 kg weights in your comfort zone is a waste of time. If you can lift 20 kgs for 10 repetitions it’s probably too light. Whatever lifts you do, aim at 4 sets and try to add an extra 5 kgs to your maximum every week.

Best exercises are HEAVY squats, HEAVY bench press, and HEAVY deadlifts. These are called full body exercises, because they work most of your muscles.

When my daughter started, she’s 5′ 1″ and weighs 64 kgs, she could barely do 10 reps of bench press with a 20 kg bar. In 6 months she got to 6 reps at 65 kgs. My wife can bench 95 kgs after 14 months of workout and she lost 50 kgs of fat n that time and she’s 55 years old. I’m 74 and I can bench 125 kgs in the same time period and I lost 47 kgs of fat as well.

You don’t need drugs to get fit and get in shape. When you get fit and in shape, steroids will help you to put in the finishing touches!

lusciousrauen15 9 months ago @Baldur2630
This post is so true! Heavy Squats! Heavy Bench, Heavy Deads. with a little bit of winny and its game on!

kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @littletigar24
If I could .. I d give you all my points for this post

littletigar24 1 year ago @kodiakGRRL
Your kudos speaks more volume then points, thanks grrl 🙂

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BWM 1 year ago
Thank you for all the information. I am planning to start this week and was a bit scared. I have never taking anything before. My boyfriend recommend winny since I’ve been working out for 2 years and haven’t really toned up. I posted on your other blog about anavar. What would you suggest Oral or injections?

I’m 5’4, 125 pounds …My profile pic shows my recent body structure (3 weeks ago)

kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @BWM
I d go with injectible if you can find an oil based one. Winny is not my favorite compound it is in fact one of my least favorites .. but you may find that it works well for you .. most people will either love it or hate it. Please keep close tabs on your cholesterol levels as winstrol will actively lower your good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol … you may also find that if you have joint problems that winstrol will make them worse .. it removes the estrogen from your joints making them feel dry

BWM 1 year ago @kodiakGRRL
I started the Winny on Saturday. Question I’m doing 1cc, is that the same as 25mg?

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kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @BWM
what is it dosed at? and most likely no it isn’t 25mg

BWM 1 year ago @kodiakGRRL
Sorry, I had to go home and look. It is 100mg and I’m taking 1cc.

kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @BWM
then you are taking 100mg

BWM 1 year ago @kodiakGRRL
I take 1cc of the 100mg every 3 days

kodiakGRRL 1 year ago @BWM
I don’t want to sound bitchy but how much research did you do before you started this? 100mg for a first or second or any cycle if you aren’t a pro … that’s simply over kill.. every third day??? the half life of winstrol is 8-9 hours… you are wasting it

BWM 1 year ago @kodiakGRRL
Great Thanks for the input. I hope I’m the half that will like it…or shall I say MY body will like/tolerate it.

DHulk 1 year ago
Now i have a better idea of how it is for my wife. thanks for the info!

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Parm321 2 years ago
@kodiakgrrl thanks for the advice- your totally right, why mess with something if it”s working…. In a few ill start the winstrol. Thanks again

Parm321 2 years ago
@kodiakgrrl. Hey, your post on anavar gave me the motivation i needed to start my first cycle ever. I have had nothing but amazing results– now I would like to try winstrol orals. What are your thoughts on adding it in ( I am on my fifth week of anavar 15mg)? Would you suggest starting the winstrol now or waiting until anavar is finished? I have been reading mixed reviews- And how much would you recommend? Thanks so much for any info!!
kodiakGRRL 2 years ago @Parm321
It is a pretty decent stack but to be honest if you are having amazing results why fix it by adding something … plan your next cycle as a stack .. honestly I m not fond of oral winny due to the hepatoxicty to the liver .. it is one of the worst .. and to stack it with another oral while it won’t kill you it does put a lot of stress on the system…

elvis7uk 2 years ago
Hi i know this an old post im not a girl so i dnt know the effects componds have on girls but my question is, my sister works out and she lookin to take winstrol tabs and wants to know will it give her any male like side effects that some gear gives women

kodiakGRRL 2 years ago @elvis7uk
yes it will .. read the post it will tell you possible sides.

elvis7uk 2 years ago @kodiakGRRL
Hi thanks for the reply, yea did read but will it give facial hair and manly features or is what u said on the post all it will do

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kodiakGRRL 2 years ago @elvis7uk
everyone reacts differently .. she may see an increase in hair growth ..but not likely ..

MsNoWeakAces 2 years ago
Thank you for the info. I am waiting on a shipment and this was rite on point. When it

MsNoWeakAces 2 years ago @MsNoWeakAces
4 week in and I have dropped 14lbs since June 1st. Strength has increased as well as stamina, was able to max out in squat last week @ 205lbs. As far as side effects, knees feel “dry” some. Have been taking fish oil am/pm, that seams to help for me.
megleh8 3 years ago
I ran a 12 week cycle of of 20mg var/ 20mg winny and put on about 10-12 pounds in a 12 week prep for my show. I compete in figure.. and ran my cycle all the way through my show. I cut with clen and did not lose much if any muscle mass.

The few side affects i experienced were increased hair growth, oily skin/hair, spiked libido and a quicker temper (especially in the gym) but all in all the cycle was incredible.. i can’t

tonski_214 4 years ago
My girl hasnt had time to log on and ask thjs question herself so im asking. She knows most the sides of winny and before she runs it she wants to know if it will affect her birth control?
kodiakGRRL 4 years ago @tonski_214
no AAS does not interfere with the effectiveness of birth control …

tonski_214 4 years ago @hrdbdyGRRRL
Awesome thank u. I didnt think it did but after all I’m not a women and am not am expert on how aas affect the female body

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