Questions about trenbolone base steroid powders recipe

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test isocaproate

Tren base disaster………..

First thanks to IRONJULIUS for the invite here. Told me there were some good brewers here that might could help.

I have been brewing for over 10 years and do a pretty good job of it according to my local gym rats

I popped my cherry on Tren Base recently and it was an ugly event. Here’s my recipe and how it went down…….

34.31 ml EO
3.75gr raw powder
1.50 BA
11.00 BB

~ 50ml @ 75mg

I heated powder to determine melting point which was around 94-97c
added pre-heated BA and BB stirred until clear
Added pre-heated EO and continued stirring until dark clear gold

filtered through a 0.22um PVDF filter then vialed.
It turned out just like a suspension. The powder clearly separated and fell out. No heating would put it back into solution.

Now i have 2 hunches but unsure………….
could I have had water in my collection container or was the PVDF filter wrong? I have never used this type of filter before but the limited resources I found all said because of the EO to use this type of filter.
Everything looked great up until the filter step so I’m kinda honing in on this area. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
welcome to MC bro

you know, i wish i knew, i haven’t brewed TRB yet but i’ve read that it is a complete b*tch to make! powderguy on here will surely have some info for you, he helps everyone out. i wish i knew what could be done because it always sucks when something goes wrong while brewing and i like to fix it asap

– – – Updated – – –

i’ve used pvdf syringe filter with eo before and it was fine, and i did about 200ml of TRA. think i did 50% EO and 50% GSO. TRB is a tricky compound to work with…

Well I THANKYOU for taking the time to respond and I will be awaiting the responces from the Yoda of brewing, The Powderguy. ��

When it comes to brewing he is the G-O-D! lol. Alpha Pharma makes Tren Base, i’d love to know their recipe. 1 of my friends tried it and said it was the best Tren he’s ever done

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Alpha’s is water-based though

welcome to MC brother! im sure someone will be with you shortly with some suggestions

Add in 5-10% guaiacol, it will lower the concentration unless you have some more powder to add but it should get the tren base into solution. Start out with 5% and add from there, its nasty shit but will get things into solution.

2ml of guiacol per gram holds it at 75mg

Alright then, I got Guaic and will give it a go. Thanks for the input

keep us posted Deimos, hopefully that works. have you run tren base before? never tried it!

I will update. No never had the base but when I heard its a killer pre-workout , I ordered up some powder and here we are! Lol

yup that’s what i heard! tren base and test base pre-workout has got to be trouble lol
that stuff smells like SHIT
yeah it definitely does! but if its going to hold this beast together, its definitely worth it!
that looks gorgeous!!!! let us know how it goes D! should be a killer workout
Ok, pinned left delt. Felt and now smells just like TNE. Burned like hell for about a minute, skin got hot and felt the familiar tickle in my lungs that precedes the TREN cough but it never came ( thank God)
So I’ll give it 45 minutes then hit the weights.
Thank God is right lol. Let us know how the workout went!
Alright here is my synopsis of my first pin with Tren base……
i didn’t take my normal pre-work , pump sups etc. I wanted it to be all tren.
I got a decent pump without any NO boosters. I imagine with the addition of some boosters this would be better or after getting it into my system more.
What I did get was an extra burst of strength. Instead of getting 12 reps I had it in me to push out 2 or 3 more on each set and we all know what getting those extra reps mean.
I like it, will continue to use it pre-workout and after several weeks I’ll update
sounds great. i’m sure it will only get better. keep us posted

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