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Product Name:  Jintropin HGH
With anti-fake codes:  No, BUT really high quality
Jintropin Specification:  10IU/vial,10 vials/box, 100IU/box
Jintropin Appearance:  In the form of white powder. Powder may look caked or in small particles, that is normal for growth hormone.
Jintropin Top Color:  Green Top
Jintropin Half-life:  Around 2.5 Days
Jintropin Amino Acid:  191aa(Amino Acid)
Jintropin Results:  Mainly for anti-aging,muscle growth,making you stronger. weight loss
Jintropin Dosage:  4-7iu per day.  You must use within 72 hours once it dilute with sterile water. You can use even after 10 days or more if you dilute with bacteriostatic water.
Jintropin Dosage Precaution:  Keep a record of doses. If you are diabetic or using insulin or any other diabetic, sugar lowering medicine you should monitor your blood glucose closely because growth hormone may change your body response to insulin.
Jintropin Side Effects:  Taking afternoon “baby” naps, carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, morning aches and hypoglycemia.
Jintropin Storage:  Keep at 2-8C. Don’t freeze, can stay for a month in normal room temperature. Keep away from direct light. After dilution it must be refrigerated.
Jintropin can be used for the following treatments:
1. Increase muscle mass
2. Decrease body fat
3. Anti-aing, decrease wrinkles and improve skin elastically
4. Help people who suffer from depression
5. Angtropin can be given as an aid to increase child growth
6. Other treatment such as Turner’s syndrome, organ transplantations,burns and trauma
Jintropin human growth hormone was so good that the big Western companies became worried that too many people would buy jintropin and not their products. This led to jintropin HGH being banned from Western markets in 2007. The market gay was filled by fakers and copiers who made an inferior product. It is difficult for foreigners to buy genuine jintropin from China. So what we can supply are just high quality jintropin without anti-fake codes to verify. There are so many clients bought and said very good results.

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