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Jintropin human growth hormone was so good that the big Western companies became worried that too many people would buy jintropin and not their products. This led to jintropin HGH being banned from Western markets in 2007. The market gay was filled by fakers and copiers who made an inferior product. It is difficult for foreigners to buy genuine jintropin from China. So what we can supply are just high quality jintropin without anti-fake codes to verify. There are so many clients bought and said very good results.


Pls know that now in China there are no real jintropin with anti-counterfeit codes to verify. All are either high quality or low quality jintropin. What we selling are all high quality ones. To let clients learn our jintropin results, if contact me directly, you can get the promotion price: $120 USD per kit. Our jintropin original price is $150USD per kit.

If you are interested, welcome to contact Joanna, her email is :


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